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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows services MSc?

Windows Services (also known as Services, services.msc, service control manager, part of Microsoft Management Console, and services snap-in) is an app in Windows that allows you to manage the settings of other apps and processes that run in the background.

How to open windows services in Windows XP?

Open Windows Services Through The Start Menu. This option may not work for Windows Xp as the start menu was not so advanced back then. The best option for Windows XP users is the run box method or the computer management option. 1. Press on the start menu to open the menu. 2. Type in the word services into the search box at the bottom.

How to enable Windows services from Computer Management in Windows 10?

Press Windows + X and choose Windows PowerShell to open PowerShell. Type Windows Services command services.msc in PowerShell window, and hit Enter to open Windows Services. Way 7. Enable Windows Services from Computer Management

How to open servicesmsc in Windows 10?

How to Open Services.msc in Control Panel Open Control Panel in Windows 10, click System and Security in Control Panel window, and click Administrative Tools. Find Services shortcut in the list and double-click it to open it. Way 5. How to Open Services.msc from Command Prompt

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