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Frequently Asked Questions

What is registry monitoring services?

Registry Monitoring Insurance Services. RMIS or Registry Monitoring Insurance Service is a value-added services company for the transportation industry, offering several programs that bring substantial savings to their clients while protecting their assets.

What is service registry and discovery?

The service registry is a key part of service discovery. It is a database containing the network locations of service instances. A service registry needs to be highly available and up to date. Clients can cache network locations obtained from the service registry.

What is the use of registry?

The Windows Registry is used to store much of the information and settings for software programs, hardware devices, user preferences, operating system configurations, and much more.

What is a registry on a computer?

The Windows Registry is an enormous batch of files containing information about almost everything that occurs on the computer, from a visit to a Web site to a program installation. The registry also contains information about drivers and other essential programs, like DLLs -- small helper programs that often work with more than one application.

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