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Frequently Asked Questions

How to answer selection criteria effectively?

Here are five simple steps to effectively answer selection criteria: Analyse and dissect the selection criteria Write an opening statement Brainstorm ideas for each selection criterion Go into further detail and support your claims with ‘the how’ Write out in full sentences, using a checklist

What is included in the selection criteria services?

Included in all our selection criteria services is a phone consultation of up to one hour on the phone with your writer. During this call we’ll get to know you and the requirements of the role so we can write you application documents that get you noticed.

What are your selection criteria on a resume?

Selection Criteria are the desired skills and abilities a job applicant needs to be able to demonstrate to be considered for a position. Knowing how to answer selection criteria on a resume can mean the difference between getting your dream job, or missing out completely.

How to address selection criteria as a job applicant?

How to address selection criteria When addressing selection criteria as a job applicant, you must be thorough. To do this, you must explore each criterion mentioned in the advertised position description in separate paragraphs and relevant examples.

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