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Frequently Asked Questions

What does enter your search term mean?

A search term, or search query, is the word or phrase someone enters into a search engine to search for on the internet. These can be single words or names, like [Yoast], or a combination of words, such as [buy robot vacuum cleaner], or even complete questions, like [how do I train my puppy?].

What is enter your search term box?

The search term or query is entered into the search box and then the search button is clicked. Some applications also allow the user to press the Enter key to initiate the search. The application acquires the text from the search box and matches it with the items in its database and returns the search results.

What are search terms definition?

search term. (information science) An element of a search or query. A search term is the basic building block of a boolean search or a weighted search. In a search engine a search term is typically a word, phrase, or pattern match expression.

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