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Frequently Asked Questions

What were some songs by the Rolling Stones?

Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. 100 Greatest Rolling Stones Songs From “Paint It Black” to “Shine a Light” – the hottest rocks from the Stones’ 50-year career, chosen by ...

What songs are on some girls from the Rolling Stones?

The set also draws five numbers from Tattoo You – “Neighbors,” “Black Limousine,” “Little T&A,” “Hang Fire,” and “Start Me Up” – and five from Some Girls, including “When the Whip Comes Down,” “Shattered,” “Beast of Burden,” “Miss You,” and “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me),” the Stones’ cover of the Temptations classic.

What is your favorite Rolling Stones song?

I have several favorite songs of Rolling Stones. Like - Gimme Shelter, Paint It Black, Ruby Tuesday, Satisfaction, Sympathy of the Devil etc. Was released in from the album “Some Girls” in 1978. The song was sung by Keith Richards. The singing of Keith isn’t somewhat legendary but the song is actually good.

What is the meaning of the song Brown Sugar?

“Ostensibly the song is about Africans who were sold to New Orleans plantations and raped by their white masters,” wrote critic Tom Taylor for the UK’s Far Out magazine last month. Mick Jagger said the band had performed 'Brown Sugar' every night since it was written.

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