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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is proconex?

Proconex is the exclusive Emerson Impact Partner for Emerson Automation Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic Region. This partnership connects our customers with world-class solutions, a wide array of products, engineering excellence, dedicated field support, and factory certified personnel.

What training does proconex offer?

Proconex provides a number of training courses for DeltaV Implementation, Gas Regulator Technicians, and Valve Technicians. We also offer a variety of customized, on-demand training courses. An integrated network of Emerson-certified strategic partners to deliver the breadth of Emerson’s products, services and solutions throughout North America.

How do I run proconxinput on Windows 10?

Run ProconXInput.exe, ignore the warnings about HidCerberus Hit Windows Key+R, enter joy.cplinto the Run box, hit enter (Or launch the 'Set up USB Game Controllers' panel however you want) Check to see if your controller exists Calibrate your controller if you want. Game on! Installing/Uninstalling ScpVBus Download ScpVBus from here.

How do I use proconX input in Visual Studio 2017?

You can use the included project for Visual Studio 2017. If you don't have VS2017, you can add the files to an empty C++ project. Then, set C++ Language Standard to /std:c++latest, add setupapi.lib to linker input, and build. Plug in the Pro Controller, then run ProconXInput.exe. Press CTRL+C when you're done.

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