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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to have a pet jellyfish?

On average, a pet jellyfish can cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $150 depending on the type. A common pet, such as the Small Moon Jellyfish, retails for $30 to $60, while a Large Moon Jellyfish can retail for $55 to $75. A starter kit that includes food, as well as a pair of jellyfish, can cost anywhere from $150 to $400.

Can you keep a jellyfish as a pet?

The good thing about keeping jellyfish as pets is that you can easily avoid the sting. Make certain to keep your hands out of the aquarium or wear gloves when you need to clean it. You can also remove the jellyfish from the tank and put them back after you are done the cleaning.

What jellyfish species can be pets?

Blue Blubber Jellyfish are some of the most common species of jellyfish which can be kept as pets. These blue blubber jellyfish (Catostylus mosaicus) have some of the most distinctive shapes, with a dome shaped bell and eight arms which provide an almost-cauliflower appearance.

Where can you buy a pet jellyfish?

You can now Buy a Pet Jellyfish Aquarium for your Home or Office. Add this piece of Modern Living Art to your Decor. Our Jellyfish Aquarium Kit is a complete system, and is available exclusively at the Jellyfish Shop. The Jellyfish Shop is your online source to Buy a Jellyfish Tank and Live Pet Jellyfish.

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