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Frequently Asked Questions

How do orphans get their names?

Most orphans simply have the last name of their father or mother, but when that's not possible a last name is assigned by a judge or their orphanage. After being adopted some orphans keep this name, and some change it to their new family's. That is the family's choice. 1. Share.

Why are so many orphans?

There is little doubt that poverty creates a culture for the creation of orphans. Many parents living in poverty are unable to care for their children as they cannot afford food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.

Do Orphans have social issues?

Social Problems are very rare in the orphans. In society people ignore the orphans and not give their rights. 153 million children worldwide are orphans. 71 million orphans live in Asia & 51 million orphans in Africa. In 2007, 15 million orphans are AIDS orphans. Children without parental care are at a high risk of abuse,expolitation & neglect.

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