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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is O'Brien & associates?

O’Brien & Associates is a U.S. business immigration law firm with offices in New York City and Kilkenny, Ireland. We believe in developing lasting relationships and making corresponding with us easy.

Why choose O'Brien Law?

O’Brien Law P.C. is a boutique litigation law firm which handles matters throughout the State of California. The firm maintains offices in both Northern and Southern California. O’Brien Law P.C. believes its first responsibility is to serve its clients. This means more than providing excellent legal services.

Why choose O'Brian&associates?

At O’Brian & Associates, we provide personal attention and responsive service to individuals and families as we guide them through complex personal matters. At O'Brian & Associates, we're devoted to practicing divorce and family law.

Who is Susan Millican O’Brian?

Since 1986, Attorney Susan Millican O’Brian has devoted her practice exclusively to Washington divorce and family law. She has assembled a talented team of attorneys, each of whom have more than a decade of legal experience. We offer knowledgeable advice and representation that get results.

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