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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Nordics countries?

The Nordic Countries are a group of 5 countries in northern Europe. They include the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, as well as the countries of Finland and Iceland. Actually, all the Nordic Countries have Scandinavian roots, though only Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are considered part of the Scandinavian region itself.

What do Nordic Naturals do?

Delicious gummies with highly bioavailable magnesium to support relaxation and a healthy mood.* The ultimate in omega-3s. Doctor-recommended fish oil for immunity, brain, and heart support—without the fishy aftertaste.* Why People Love Nordic Naturals. Best in my book! I have tried several different fish oils. Nordic Naturals are the best by far.

What is the goal of Nordic Consulting?

Nordic combines deep clinical experience with extensive technical knowledge to provide our clients with strategic counsel and thoughtful guidance. Our goal is to empower healthcare systems to leverage the digital transformation seen in other industries.

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