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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pet stores in Newberg that should be avoided?

Avoid Critter Cabana pet store in Newberg Or. they have adorable AKC puppies in the in the store that should be with other dogs and people being socialized. This is a sad thing that these dogs are being raised in cages in a store.

Is Critter Cabana a good place to adopt a pet?

Furthermore, Critter Cabana is a very fun place to hangout, a great place to adopt a pet, and a informative place to ask questions. I highly recommend them. And I am happy to say, my veiled chameleon (Kyto) is completely healthy, and has gained all his weight back from being sick. Thank you Critter Cabana!

How long do Critter Cabanas live?

Critter Cabana management: PLEASE, do your research on rabbit care basics. There's a reason rabbits only live for 2-3 years with poor diet and high-stress care like this, and why they live 10+ years when cared for by someone who actually understands them.

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