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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Nanyehi have a daughter?

In the late 1750s, Nanyehi married an English trader named Bryan Ward, and took the anglicized name Nancy Ward. Together they had one daughter. This marriage may have been part of her uncle’s larger efforts to create lasting bonds between the Cherokee and white settlers.

What is the meaning of the name nanye'hi?

Nancy Ward, original name Nanye’hi, Cherokee title (from 1775) Agi-ga-u-e (“Beloved Woman”), (born c. 1738, probably at Chota village [now in Monroe county, Tenn., U.S.]—died 1822, near present-day Benton, Tenn.), Native American leader who was an important intermediary in relations between early American settlers and her own Cherokee people.

What did the Beloved Woman Nanyehi do?

In July 1781, the Beloved Woman Nanyehi negotiated a peace treaty between her people and the Americans. No longer facing a Cherokee threat, Americans sent troops from the western frontier to support George Washington 's Continental army against the British General Cornwallis in the American Revolution.

What did Nanyehi do after Kingfisher died?

After Kingfisher was killed in this battle, Nanyehi picked up her husband's rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. [9] For her actions, the Cherokee awarded her the title of Ghigau (Cherokee: Beloved Woman), and made her the only female voting member of the Cherokee General Council.

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