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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nancy Ward buried?

Nancy Ward gravesite in Polk County. Nancy Ward. Last Beloved Woman of the Cherokees, Nancy Ward was born in 1738 at Chota and given the name Nanye-hi, which signified “One who goes about,” a name taken from Nunne-hi, the legendary name of the Spirit People of Cherokee mythology.

What tribe is Nancy Ward from?

Nancy Ward was born in the Cherokee town of Chota, a member of the Wolf Clan. Her mother, whose actual name is not known, is often called Tame Doe, and was a sister of Attakullakulla. Her father was probably part Delaware, also known as the Leni Lenape. Her first husband was the Cherokee man Kingfisher.

Where was nancyward born?

She was born in Chota Cherokee Nation East (now, Monroe, Tn.) to Tame Doe. (This information from

Why is Nancy Ward important?

[31] [25] Nancy Ward is not only remembered as an important figure to the Cherokee people but is also considered an early pioneer for women in American politics as she advocated for a woman's voice during a turbulent period in her tribe's history. [32]

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