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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polyvore?

POLYVORE - Discover and Shop Trends in Fashion, Outfits, Beauty and Home - Polyvore is the first one-stop destination featuring the latest Fashion, Outfits, Beauty, Home and styles trends from influencers worldwide. Load More Outfits & Styles

What is a Polyvore mood board?

Polyvore was an extremely popular mood board app. It gave users the ability to create aesthetic collages of clothes, shoes, beauty products, and even home wear products. This could help you plan outfits, give you ideas for shopping, or even make cool Instagram posts. Many fans created and shared their polyvore outfits.

Is URSTYLE a good alternative to Polyvore?

Urstyle is a great alternative to Polyvore because it actually has some quite similar features. This includes over 9 million products, backup tools, and the ability to save drafts. We were over the moon when we discovered that Urstyle can even import your old designs and styles that you made using Polyvore.

Will Polyvore ever come back?

Will Polyvore Ever Come Back? Unfortunately, Ssense has confirmed Polyvore is gone for good, never to return. It’s a good job there are plenty of alternatives. How Do You Make Money On ShopLook? You can make money on ShopLook by earning a commission based on the percentage of total sales you have driven through your social media.

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