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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manzanita Village like?

MANZANITA VILLAGE RESIDENCE HALL is situated on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean and campus lagoon, offering stunning views and a 'family style' of living with seventeen buildings housing smaller undergraduate communities.

What is manzanita Burl?

Crooked & unusual, Manzanita makes for conversational walking staffs & soft sculpture wall mounts. Glass top tables made to order with rare single and multiple piece Manzanita Burl pedestals. For first-time buyers, an assortment of Manzanita, Alabaster or Sticks & Staffs.

How do I contact manzanita customer service?

Please call us at 1-760-767-4901 or email [email protected] to place an order and Stay Safe!

What is the faculty-in-Residence at Manzanita?

Nearby San Rafael Residence Hall and Manzanita share a Faculty-in-Residence who advises residents and provides opportunities for residents to meet other faculty members. Professional live-in staff and Resident Assistants are available for after-hours assistance and community building.

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