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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Manjuyod sandbar?

You have two options for getting to Manjuyod Sandbar. You either join a tour (which is cheaper) or rent a private boat. Tours cost around P850 (17 USD) per person. This includes lunch. On the other hand, you can rent a private boat for around P2,000 (40 USD) and above depending on the size of the boat you’ll be renting.

How to get to the sandbar?

Secondly, the best place to access a boat ride to the sandbar itself is through Bais City and not through the municipality of Manjuyod. I took a Ceres Bus from Dumaguete to Manjuyod town. Luckily, the good townsfolk of Manjuyod directed me to double back to Bais to get to the sandbar.

What is the best time to go to Manjuyod?

Manjuyod is budget-friendly and accessible. Try to go early like 5:30 AM coz you won't see the sandbar when it's high-tide. Always check the weather before going so you won't get disappointed. Skip the dolphin tour for god's sake! Those sweet animals need to be protected.

Is sandbar the Maldives of the Philippines?

One of these places is located in the Philippines. This is Manjuyod Sandbar, and it is called “The Maldives of the Philippines” (due to its similarity with such places in the Maldives). Sandbar is a kind of shoal, where the sea floor is formed by sand, instead of rocks or corals.

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