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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a luminous box?

The Luminous Box is defined by the luminous area defined in the photometric file. The center of the Luminous Box corresponds with the "Photometric Center" of the luminaire, the point from which all calculations are referenced. The dimensions of the luminous area are obtained from the photometric file.

What happens if the luminous Z is zero?

If the luminous Z is zero, AGi32 will add a small negative distance to allow the luminous bottom of the symbol to be below the insertion point. This prevents the luminous surface from being coplanar with a ceiling surface and avoids subsequent Z-buffering issues in Render mode.

What is the luminous height of a luminaire?

The luminous height (Z) should not be above the ceiling. If the photometric file has luminous height, the luminaire should be mounted below the ceiling at a distance equal to, at least, that dimension. This is typically handled when the Vertical insertion Point of the symbol is specified as Top.

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