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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Live at TU?

Settle into your new home at TU with a variety of dining and modern housing options. Within the city of Tulsa, you'll find pro sports, fine and performing arts, festivals, zoos, a water park, bike and hiking trails, rivers and lakes.

Why do you want to attend Tu?

You'll discover many ways to immerse yourself in the TU community whether online or in-person. I love the tight community that TU offers, close relationships with professors, faculty and peers, as well as the ability to be very involved on campus, even as an underclassman. Katarina Michna, Computer Information Systems, Fayetteville, AR

What does ¿y tú qué mean?

¿y tú qué? fat? me? what about you?; llegamos antes que tú we arrived before you (did); es mucho más alto que tú he is much taller than you (are) ¡tú! ven aquí you! come here; ¡oye tú, que me voy a tener que enfadar! listen, you, I'm going to have to get cross!; ¡tú cállate! shut up, you! Want to Learn Spanish? Spanish learning for everyone.

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