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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hood in lab?

Fume Hood Use. The term fume hood used in laboratory nomenclature, is a piece of equipment, a device that contains air (air that usually contains harmful fumes) from spreading outside the device. Fume hood use varies widely depending on the type of procedures being performed in the space, the safety needs of the users,...

What is a laboratory fume hood?

A fume hood is a piece of laboratory equipment that is used to protect scientists from the possible negative effects of an experiment. This is primarily done by keeping the air inside the fume hood away from the people doing the experiment.

What is a fume hood used for in chemistry?

Medical: Fume hoods are used in core laboratories, histology labs, pathology lab for research and patient support. Tissue and blood testing, for example, require the use of instruments and chemicals that expel harmful fumes that are contained by fume hoods.

How does a fume hood work?

How a Fume Hood Works. A fume hood is a ventilated enclosure in which gases, vapors and fumes are contained. An exhaust fan situated on the top of the laboratory building pulls air and airborne contaminants through connected ductwork and exhausts them to the atmosphere.

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