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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Klocwork used for?

Klocwork is used to identify security, safety and reliability issues in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and Python code. The product includes numerous desktop plug-ins for developers, metrics and reporting.

How can I run Klocwork analysis?

Klocwork offers a variety of C/C++, C# and Java desktop solutions to help you detect and fix issues as early as possible in the development cycle. You have several options that you can use to run your analysis: If you use one of our supported IDEs, you can run analysis directly from within your IDE.

Is there a Klocwork desktop plug-in?

Currently, there is Klocwork Desktop Plug-ins available for Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA across multiple languages. If you prefer to work on the command line, kwcheck is a desktop analysis tool for C/C++ and Java developers using IDEs and text editors that aren't supported by Klocwork in the form of an IDE plug-in.

Is it safe to install Klocwork on a separate machine?

In some cases, if you happen to install the Klocwork server on your device for testing purposes. Suppose your local device does have an antivirus installed in it. You can disable it in the meantime to make sure you can start the related services of Klocwork. Therefore, it is safer that you install Klocwork on a separate machine for dedicated use.

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