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Frequently Asked Questions

How many wineries are on the I-80 Wine Trail?

Traveling East or West on I-80, you’ll find 10 award winning wineries within 10 miles of the interstate. Follow the I-80 Wine Trail map to see how easy it is to turn your cross country drive into a wine tasting adventure. Take a ten to fifteen minute detour off the interstate highway to experience the ambience of the local wineries along the way.

What is the heart of Iowa wine trail?

The Heart of Iowa Wine Trail is made up of 8 wineries working together to promote Iowa’s wine industry to both native Iowans and all the visitors we welcome annually to our beautiful state. We invite you to take a day or weekend trip to one or more of our wine trail wineries.

How many wineries are included in Iowa's newest Wine Trail?

There are four wineries included in Iowa's newest wine trail, each of which are located on, or around Highway 92 southeast of Des Moines, Iowa. Each winery has it’s own story, ownership, and products.

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