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Frequently Asked Questions

What company is Hungry Jack's associated with?

The Hungry Jack's logo is featured on player jerseys, in and around venues, and the company was closely associated with Heritage Month in January. KFC (Jack Cowin previously owned franchises in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.)

What happened to Hungry Jack's?

Among these changes the most major one was the elimination of the non-compete agreement signed by the company, as a result Hungry Jack’s first independent store was opened under their own brand name.

What is the control mechanism at Hungry Jack's?

The current control mechanism at Hungry Jack’s is explained below: Action Control: As the main source of revenue generation for hungry jacks is expanding its stores, therefore they get regular franchisee agreements; therefore they perform thorough analysis of the applicants throughout the process.

What does Hungry Jacks do in Perth?

Hungry Jack's retains strong links with Perth: the city's first team in the Australian Football League, the West Coast Eagles, have been sponsored by Hungry Jack's since their entry into the league in 1987. On 5 October 2017, Hungry Jack's became the naming rights sponsor for the National Basketball League.

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