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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a domain name from host IO?

I am going to list the steps below which you have to perform to get this data. The very first step is to open the website. There you will see a search box. You must have a domain you want to look up. In my case, I am going to search for

What is host API and how to use it?

This API can get a list of outbound links, backlinks, and other hosting details of any given domain within seconds. Since the API’s data is backed by Google Cloud, it can easily scale up to your needs. Hence making it extremely fast & reliable. I am now going to demonstrate the usage of API using JavaScript.

How does hostio work?

Abusive visitors usually come from the same IP, webhost, or ASN. Using, you can detect and proactively curtail such attempts. Using's data you can get invaluable insights about attackers. By knowing what domains are hosted on an IP address, for instance, you can gain more insight into the origin of the attack.

What can iohost do for You?

New website or already established with high traffic - we can host it all! ioHost Provide cPanel account to manage your hosting account according to your need. Our All Web hosting plan come with free SSL by let's encrypt which secure your website. Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more such 300+ apps with our 1 click Softaculous installer.

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