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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SF Express?

S.F. Express (順豊快遞) provides China's and Hong Kong's domestic and international express delivery solutions with the headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Give customers the best post-purchase experience with proactive delivery updates. Designed for developers to integrate SF Express tracking functionality easily using Keep your shopping organized.

How to track SF Express Hong Kong packages?

It permits you to track all S.F Express Hong Kong packages for both local and worldwide shipments on a single page with only a single click. With Parcel Monitor you can see your parcel tracking information on one single page with only one single click.

When will SFHK provide special delivery arrangement in Hong Kong?

SFHK will provide special delivery arrangement on 2023 Chinese New Year Holiday (21 to 27 January 2023) in Hong ... [Details] In order to continue providing stable and quality services, a Temporary Emergency Surcharge will apply to shipme... [Details] Delivery standards of common types of items from Hong Kong and Macau regions to Mainland China.

What does SFHK stand for?

[Details] SFHK Urges Customers to Beware of Latest Trick in fraudulent SMS mes ... S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited (hereinafter“SFHK”) urges customers to beware of criminals who impersonate the company with fraudulent phishing S ...

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