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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions in Helsinki?

Helsinki is world famous for its architecture; the city centre is renowned for its neoclassicalism, especially around Senate Square. Close by on a hilltop stands the Uspenski Cathedral, Europe’s largest Russian Orthodox church, and a stunning example of the Byzantine-Russian style.

How cold is the average winter temperature in Helsinki?

Of the five main Nordic capital cities, Helsinki has the coldest average winter temperature. The record low in Helsinki was a bone chilling −34.3 °C (−29.7 °F), although temperatures are likely to be far milder than that today. Still, average temperatures below freezing are considered normal during the winter.

How many people live in Helsinki?

Helsinki itself has a population of 658,864, with 1,268,296 in the wider urban area. Oslo's population is 702,543, with 1,036,059 in the wider urban area. 5. Helsinki has a strong relationship with Tallinn, Estonia

What is the history of Helsinki?

Helsinki was founded by Gustav I of Sweden in 1550 as a commercial city aiming to be a competitor to the Reval (Tallinn) city of Hansa. However, due to the failure to implement some plans, it remained a small town with poverty, wars and diseases.

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