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Frequently Asked Questions

What is heartlife church?

HeartLife Church exists to facilitate a Church family that lives life with the will of God's heart at the centre of our daily lives. HeartLife Church is a modern charismatic Christian Church that launched in 2009 in Narangba, We are centred amongst the Moreton Bay region in the family friendly suburb of Narangba.

What is heartlife counseling?

A program for life-dominating issues that is Christ-centered, relationally driven & clinically sound. At HeartLife, we aren’t just counselors who happen to be Christians. Our faith adds compassion to our clinical work.

How do I contact heartlifesoulcare?

We, as Health Service Providers, want to remain available to you. We are now doing virtual sessions to protect you and your family. Please call 901-756-5788 or email [email protected] for more information or to schedule an appointment.

What can heartlife do for You?

We offer therapy in group environments, for couples and families struggling at home, and for individuals who need one-on-one counseling. Two or more hearts on one journey. Premarital, couples, or parenting. HeartLife is here if you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety and depression.

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