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Frequently Asked Questions

What is health insurance?

Health insurance – also referred to as medical insurance or healthcare insurance – refers to insurance that covers a portion of the cost of a policyholder’s medical costs.

How do I get health coverage?

How to Get Health Coverage. You can get health care coverage through: A group coverage plan at your job or your spouse or partner's job. Your parents' insurance plan, if you are under 26 years old. A plan you purchase on your own directly from a health insurance company or through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

What is the best website to get health insurance quotes?

Summary. is an excellent source of information for available healthcare insurance plans from its list of partner health insurance providers. The online platform allows consumers to get free quotes and explore multiple health insurance coverage with just a few clicks. Help is available from its licensed agents who are ready...

Is your healthcare plan compliant with the Affordable Care Act?

In the individual/family market, all major medical healthcare plans with effective dates of January 2014 or later are governed by the Affordable Care Act and required to be compliant with its provisions, regardless of whether they’re sold in the exchange or outside the exchange.

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