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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harvard University a good college?

While it is not the best match for everybody, it is, by any reasonable basket of metrics, the best school in the country, if not the world. Harvard is considered one of the best universities, if not THE best, in both the United States and the world.

Is Harvard University the best university in the world?

He said that this is one of the reasons why Nigerian universities are not rated among the best in the world. The former Vice ... “The ratio in universities like Harvard, Oxford is ratio 1 ...

What is so unique about Harvard University?

Well, first, NOTHING is “SO UNIQUE”. UNIQUE MEANS “ONE AND ONLY ONE” It comes from the Latin word for ONE - “UNI”. Now, having said that, Harvard stands alone because it has the highest endowment in the world, among universities. Secondly, it stands alone as the home of the highest number of Nobel Laureates on Earth, 98.

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