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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Queen Latifah married?

Queen Latifah is an actress known for her work on the hit TV show The Equalizer along with hit films like Just Wright. She is not currently married, but she has been with her partner since 2013. The actress previously dated fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

Who is Queen Latifah on Audible?

Queen Latifah is currently hosting a new Audible series titled Unity in the Community as of Feb. 2, 2023. From Beauty Shop to The Equalizer, it’s no surprise that actress Queen Latifah, 52, is a household name. The brunette beauty has starred alongside some of the most successful actors including Jada Pinkett Smith , Jimmy Fallon, and more.

Is Queen Latifah dating Eboni Nichols?

However, when Queen Latifah isn’t busy working on the set of hit TV series and films she is often spotted with her long-time partner , Eboni Nichols. Below is everything to know about her, their relationship, and more! Queen Latifah & Eboni Nichols have been romantically linked since 2013. (Steven Bergman/AFF-USA.COM / MEGA)

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