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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Splat hair dye safe for kids?

It’s safe to use on kids too, but they’ll need an adult to help make the magic work. Because Splat semi permanent hair dye colors are highly pigmented, the colors come out more vibrantly on lighter hair, but those with darker hair may see some color difference as well, just more subtly.

How should a hair stylist dress?

In most salons, hair dressers are able to wear the clothing that they want as long as it is in good taste. Most states require that hair dressers wear a smock or an apron over their clothing, so many hair dressers choose to wear clothing that complements the apron or smock.

What is a haircut salon?

A hair salon is a business where men and women go to get their hair cut, styled, and dyed. Most salons employ a number of specialists to cater to the needs of customers, including hairdressers, stylists, cosmetologists, shampooers, and receptionists.

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