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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do cap and gowns cost for graduation?

On average, you can expect to pay between $14 and $40 for your graduation gown. In some cases, the cap will be included in this cost. In other instances, you will be required to pay an additional fee for this accessory and any others that you will need for your graduation ceremony.

What to do with your cap and gown after graduation?

What to do with a cap and gown after graduation: You could always keep the mortarboard and gown, as so many of us have, as a memento of one of life’s true accomplishments. Unfortunately, like so many mementos, that cap and gown are most likely going to wind up in a landfill.

Why do graduates wear caps and gowns?

WHY GRADUATES WEAR CAPS AND GOWNS: why-caps-gowns Academic dress is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings, primarily tertiary (and sometimes secondary) education, worn mainly by those who have been admitted to a university degree (or similar), or hold a status that entitles them to assume them (e.g., undergraduate students at certain old universities).[1]

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