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Frequently Asked Questions

What features does Google Maps GPS offer?

You can enjoy unlimited navigation features with no hidden cost. GPS Maps has a unique GPS search experience using directions navigation traffic and also a complete route guide using voice that helps users find directions without touching the application.

How does GPS Maps and Navigation on Google Play work?

GPS Maps and Navigation lets you navigate to your destination with great ease. Whether you are in traffic, transit or on street you can find your route and directions easily to your destination. GPS Maps and Navigation uses GPS (global positioning system) to help you guide to your destination.

What type of maps does Google provide?

GPS Maps and Navigation- Route helps you to find directions using compass. This application supports different views of map like Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain. GPS Maps and Navigation- Route, Directions, Traffic, Transit and Street View helps you navigate from your current location to your destination on map.

How do I use Google Maps?

The beauty of Google Maps is its ease of use. Type in your current location and your desired destination into Google’s search engine and you will immediately be provided with accurate directions. Though Google Maps directions are not always 100 percent correct, they have a remarkably accurate track record.

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