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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of milking machine for goats and cows?

The milking machine can be used to milk cows, sheep, goat. Our milking machine for goats and cows are divided into piston pump type milking machine and vacuum pump type milking machine. The milking speed of the vacuum milking machine is very fast, and the milk expressed is relatively clean and hygienic.

What is the capacity of anbull 14L goat milking machine?

In addition, the bucket of Anbull 14L goat milking machine adopts a large-capacity design, which can hold 1.8 gal of goat milk to minimize the number of transfers.

What kind of pump do you use to milk a goat?

. MAPOTAD 3L Goat Pulsation Vacuum Electric Milking Machine, Automatic Portable Pulse Breast Pump with 2 Teat Cups Stainless Steel Bucket for Goat. . In stock soon. .

Can you milk a goat and a cow?

Our machines are adaptable, and we can create hybrids, where you can milk a cow and a goat, or we can switch liners/inflations because you might have a normal size goat but also dwarf breeds. We have seen everything, from BIG, Medium, and small teats.

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