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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free URL shortener for Android?

RB.GY is the perfect free URL shortener for transforming long, ugly links into nice, memorable and trackable short URLs. Use it to shorten links for any social media platforms, blogs, SMS, emails, ads, or pretty much anywhere else you want to share them.

What happens if I create a short URL using the homepage shortener?

If you choose to create a short URL using the homepage shortener, you will not be able to access the Rebrandly dashboard to change/edit the link. The link will permanently be shortened in its current form. Destination URLs that our system deems to be malicious or suspect will be automatically blocked.

How do I get Real-Time Analytics from my shortened URL?

Once you have created and shared the short URL, just add symbol “+” to the end of it and you will get real-time analytics showing the numbers of clicks received from your shortened URL. Want more? Try Premium Features! Branded short URLs, detailed analytics, UTM builder, QR codes, powerful dashboard and much more. Only $14/month.

How can I shorten my links without signing in?

This service can be used without needing to sign in and allows you to shorten up to three links. To access the statistics of your short links, you can add a “+” symbol to the end of the link which will open an external analytics page specific to that link.

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