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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are buildings inspected by the Fort Worth Fire Department?

Smaller facilities are inspected annually by fire station officers. Due to licensing requirements of these businesses, the Fire Department prioritizes the inspections of these occupancies accordingly. In the City of Fort Worth, a highrise building is defined as any building more than 75 feet in height.

What is the fire department’s commercial inspection program?

It is a goal of the Fire Department to inspect all businesses in the City of Fort Worth on a yearly basis. The Commercial Inspection Unit of the Bureau of Fire Prevention is charged with the inspection of the following occupancies: Buildings with more than 200,000 square feet of floor space.

Who performs the inspection of a highrise?

A highrise inspector from the Fort Worth Fire Department typically performs the inspection. If no hazardous conditions or violations of the Fire Code are detected at the time of inspection, the occupant, owner, or manager of the inspected business shall be issued a Certificate of Inspection.

Why choose a Housecheck inspection with Keith?

HouseCheck gave Keith all the tools he needed to be super thorough and give me all the info I needed to decide if the home was quality. At the end of the inspection the thermal camera found a leak behind the walls from one of the hose hook ups outside.

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