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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foliar feeding?

Plant Nutrition Experts Community Foliar feeding is a common practice of supplying nutrients to plants through their foliage. It involves spraying water-dissolved fertilizers directly on the leaves. Many believe that foliar feeding is favorable over soil application and it is associated with higher yields, and better fruit quality.

What is a foliar fertilizer?

A foliar fertilizer is not designed as an alternative to soil fertilizer and soil conditioning, but rather as a supplement which will increase efficiency and improve plant health. Uptake of nutrients from the soil can be very inefficient, and it can take several days for noticeable effects to occur.

What is poly-feed™ foliar?

Poly-Feed™ Foliar is a range of fully water soluble, high quality fertilizers for foliar application. Poly-Feed™ Foliar nourishes plants, meeting their precise needs during critical growth phases for maximal yields and top quality.

Where is foliar fertiliser made in New Zealand? 2004 Ltd, is situated at Oturi Road, Waverley in South Taranaki, in the lower North Island of New Zealand. The company specialises in foliar fertiliser technology and manufactures foliar fertiliser nutrient products, chelated trace elements and specialised herbicide adjuvants.

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