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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FASTAR technology?

Celestron developed Fastar technology to give imagers the flexibility to do both. Fastar unleashes the speed of your optical tube, making it up to 28x times faster. By removing the secondary mirror, imagers can place their DSLR or astroimaging camera on the front of the optical tube to image with a faster focal ratio and a wider field-of-view.

Why choose mastermaster distributor FASTAR?

Master Distributor Fastar Inc., specializes in non-threaded fasteners and provides a complete line of standard pins including Slotted spring pins, Coiled spring pins, Cotter pins, Dowel pins, and Grooved pins. Fastar will ship your pins and fasteners from stock or supply customer's requirements with short lead times or to specified delivery dates.

What happened to FASTAR?

Together, the two companies produced a revolutionary add-on to the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tubes, Fastar. In early 2000, Celestron discontinued the Fastar add-on but continued to offer Fastar-compatible optical tubes to meet the new challenges and needs of CCD astroimaging while retaining very good observing and astrophotography performance.

What is Amphastar?

Amphastar and its subsidiaries are all recognized names in the pharmaceutical industry whose capabilities have evolved over the years. Although each unit has its own distinct focus, each complements the others. Together, they strive to meet the varied needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Now available in stores near you!

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