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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an animal sanctuary?

An animal sanctuary that primarily cares for rescued animals that were farmed by humans. An individual that seeks to eliminate the exploitation of and cruelty to nonhuman animals as much as possible, including the abstention from elements of animal exploitation in non-food instances when possible and practicable as well.

Can you help our hill country animal sanctuary?

Whether they are abused, neglected or abandoned there is always hope and we provide a way out. We are one of the many rescues providing escape from suffering and a place for healing at our Hill Country Animal Sanctuary. Please consider contributing below.

What is the barnyard sanctuary?

Be a Hay Helper! Become A Patron! The Barnyard Sanctuary is a NJ 501 (c)3 tax exempt non-profit charity. We rescue displaced farm animals and provide sanctuary, care and adoption services as well as temporary boarding to those animals whose caregivers experience hardship. We are funded solely by donations and fundraising events.

How do I contact the sanctuary?

We recommend personally visiting any prospective home in advance whenever possible. You can contact our placement team at any time to discuss concerns or ask questions at 607-583-2225 x223 or [email protected] The Sanctuary movement has a hand in transforming the way people view and treat farm animals.

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