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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bandcamp the best music platform for artists?

Bandcamp is best for artists. Period. Bandcamp is the best music platform for artists. And for fans who want to know how wide and deep the music industry is today. Sounds like a daft thing to say, but @Bandcamp adding a ‘shuffle all’ button to their app player has pretty much negated the need for me to use any other streamers.

What do you think of Bandcamp?

I LOVE BANDCAMP thank you @Bandcamp for continuing to be the best site ever created for music distribution. @Bandcamp weekly show is awesome. This side of the site doesn’t get enough props IMO. Proper good listen for deep muso heads (you know who you are..)

Do the artists on Bandcamp get it?

The artists on @Bandcamp get it. Some of the artists I know there struggle to get 300 streams a month, but they’re earning more revenue than artists generating thousands of streams. Thank you @Bandcamp for all the amazing work ya’ll do to support independent and marginalized artists. Excited for the future of the platform.

What is Bandcamp Friday?

Bandcamp Friday is so conceptually cool. Like not just obviously artists all getting paid more for their work but the fact that all your friends and favorite smaller artists are all putting out projects on the same day. Such a beautiful display of art, creativity, and solidarity

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