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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Fairview counseling centers?

Call us today at 612-672-6999. New Patient Forms Fairview Counseling Centers Intake Packets and downloadable forms are available online for you to print and fill out. You have chosen to display providers employed by Fairview Medical Group, providing care at Fairview Clinics and hospitals.

What services does Fairview offer?

We also offer an alternative to traditional inpatient programs through Fairview Adult Residential Recovery Services. We often discover underlying medical and psychological conditions in the process of treating mental health issues.

Why choose Lakeview counseling?

Lakeview Counseling is an affiliation of therapists who are state licensed, have specialized training, and are recognized by national professional organizations. Each therapist has a graduate degree from an accredited university as well as significant experience in their area of expertise.

Why choose Fairview Behavioral Services for gambling addiction?

At both Fairview Behavioral Services and HealthEast Mental Health & Addiction Services you’ll find compassionate and experienced behavioral health professionals who care about you. We offer a variety of mental health services, including treatment for substance abuse and gambling addiction.

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