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Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Vision?

E-Vision provides content from Major Hollywood studios, Bollywood studios and the latest Arabic productions. As well as around 600+ TV channels from around the globe, catering to the entire demographics, including the latest 4K technology. Full channels list provided to eLifeTV Trusted provider & pioneer in the region

What channels does eVision operate?

evision also operates original and exclusive in-house channels such as ejunior, emasala & emasala Simply South, StarzPlay Crime, StarzPlay Action, StarzPlay Comedy, StarzPlay Series and CricLife channels 1,2,3. Additionally evision also manages Television Audience Measurement (TAM), the most innovative content measurement systems in UAE.

What is eVision OTT video?

evision has developed a unique ‘turn-key’ end-to-end OTT video proposition including OTT platform, CDN, content aggregation and operations. In addition to TV channels hosting and play out facilities. With remarkable features that would fit to any tier 1, 2 or 3 telecom companies, ISPs, or any company willing to launch its own OTT video service.

Who is envision LED lighting?

Checkout the Portal we have! Established in 2010, EnVision LED Lighting, Inc is a Los Angeles based LED lighting leader that provides an endless amount of lighting solutions.

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