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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Appium work with clients?

Appium Clients When all is said and done, Appium is just an HTTP server. It sits and waits for connections from a client, which then instructs Appium what kind of session to start and what kind of automation behaviors to enact once a session is started. This means that you never use Appium just by itself.

What are the competitors of Appium?

But Selendroid and Robotium are one of the top competitors of Appium. Let us know some differences and see how they differ from each other. Appium is a cross-platform tool that supports both iOS and Android.

How do I find web elements in Appium?

Both the FindElement and FindElements commands in Appium can be used to locate web elements. The Find methods take a locator or query object called By. These locators are discussed below. Before discussing the parameters for Appium find elements, let’s look at an example of the command to be used:

What is Appium mobile automation testing?

Appium is a mobile application testing tool that is currently trending in Mobile Automation Testing Technology. Appium is used for automated testing of native, hybrid, and web applications. It supports automation test on the simulators (iOS) and emulators (Android) as well as physical devices (Android and iOS both).

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