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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best estate attorney in the United States?

Best Estate Attorneys near you. 1 O. M. Wilson, PLLC. With thirteen years of experience in the practice of law, O. M. Wilson, PLLC is committed to providing excellent legal ... 2 Glass Law Group, PLLC. 3 Valocchi And Fischer. 4 American Wills & Estates. 5 Law Offices Of Robert B. Liotta, Esq. More items

How do I find a good real estate lawyer?

Determine what kind of real estate lawyer you need. Many states require a real estate attorney to handle sale closing documents. For more complex matters such as a real estate deal gone awry or foreclosure, you’ll want to find an attorney who has successfully handled cases like yours. Look for online reviews of real estate lawyers in your area.

Who are the best probate attorneys in Minneapolis MN?

Heather A. Chakirov helps Minneapolis clients with their estate planning & probate needs. Lori L. Guzman is an experienced estate planning & probate attorney practicing in the Minneapolis area. Ryan M. Schmisek has multiple years of experience in helping clients with their estate planning & probate needs in Minneapolis, MN.

What does an estate planning lawyer do?

You've come to the right place. Estate planning lawyers help people write instructions for the future handling of their property, finances, healthcare, and the future support and care of their loved ones.

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