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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eat from farms?

"Eat From Farms is the AFFORDABLE website and farmstore builder we needed!" Join the many farmers reaping the benefits of our system... Introducing... Eat From Farms! software just for you! It's easy to use - no computer tech staff is required. All you need is an internet connection. Make changes to your website or your inventory any time.

What is wind drift Farm's Food Hub?

Many families have an interest in eating fresh, healthy, local farm foods, but don't have the time to connect with farmers. To help solve that problem, Wind Drift Farm owners Sandy and John Shuhart have established an ordering and delivery Food Hub through this ordering website.

How do I order healthy food from Capital Region food producers?

Customers can now access a variety of healthy food products each week from a number of Capital Region food producers with a single online order, a single payment and a single Monday Tuesday or Wednesday delivery. Available food products are updated at the beginning of every week.

Can I link my website to an EFF shopping cart?

Or link your current website to our EFF shopping cart system. "EFF enables our farm to reach out beyond our on-farm store; easily organizing deliveries and orders with a professional website." A missing shopping cart = MISSED SALES!

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