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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is dollardollar bank based?

Dollar Bank was founded in September 1984 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The bank operates as a subsidiary of Dollar Mutual Bancorp.

Where can I find a Dollar Bank in Pittsburgh PA?

Find a Dollar Bank Office or ATM Near You. Pittsburgh Offices. Downtown. FOURTH AVENUE OFFICE. 340 Fourth Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA 15222. (412) 261-7538. GATEWAY CENTER OFFICE. 3 Gateway Center Lobby.

How many branches does Dollar Bank have?

As of today, Dollar Bank is the 114th largest bank in US by branch count. Dollar Bank is the 18th largest bank in Pennsylvania with 38 branches; 19th in Ohio with 30 branches and 62nd in Virginia with 6 branches.

Is Dollar Bank FDIC insured?

Dollar Bank is a FDIC-insured bank with certificate number of 32245. The assigned Fed RSSD ID of Dollar Bank is 961624. Dollar Bank currently operates with 74 branches located in 3 states. The bank has most branches in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.

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