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Frequently Asked Questions

How many deaths have been caused by the cell phones?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics tell us that approximately 434 people died as a result of accidents that involved cell phone use (not texting specific statistics) What Age Group Texts and Drives the Most?

Can your cell phone ring if its dead?

The question is obviously about whether the caller will hear a ring on the line if the phone they’re dialing is dead or off. No, an iPhone does not ring when it is off or the battery is dead. Off is off. It means no power is getting to the phone’s components. If there is no power, it can't ring. It doesn’t even know someone is calling.

Can I Spy a dead cell phone?

mSpy Phone Tracker is the best app for tracking the location of your lost android phone. It is the best and easy way to use the spy phone app. All you need to install the app and make an account for free. This app is one of the best apps among all the tracking apps. Nowadays Android phones are the important part of our daily life.

How many people die from texting and driving?

400 people are killed every year in accidents directly linked to texting and driving, but 30,000 deaths are caused every year by distracted driving in general. One in every four accidents is due to distracted driving!

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