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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dayton's Project?

For generations, Dayton’s presented inspiration and aspiration to the people of the Twin Cities. Our bold plan for The Dayton’s Project brings that back, to create one of the most remarkable properties in Minneapolis. This reimagining of Dayton’s will create a first of its kind office, retail, and entertainment space in Minnesota.

What is the average price of Dayton wire wheels?

Straight Lace Dayton Wire Wheel Price: from $945.00 per wheel. Dayton Wire Wheel in Triple Cross Lace Style. 13 through 20 Inch Sizes. Price: from $895.00 each. Lip-Lace style only. HEX cap shown with Dayton logo on Lip-Lace wire wheel. Price: from $1,300.00 per wheel.

What is Dayton's commitment?

The University of Dayton is a top-tier Catholic research university with offerings from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels. We are a diverse community committed, in the Marianist tradition, to educating the whole person and to linking learning and scholarship with leadership and service.

What does Dayton's Nursery specialize in?

Dayton Nursery is a complete nursery & garden center located in Norton, Ohio. Seasonally our sales yard is stocked with our famous home-grown evergreen Azaleas plus hardy trees, shrubs, roses, grasses and 800+ varieties of perennials. Fertilizers, mulches, garden decor and more are also available to accomodate all your landscape needs.

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