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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use ACSOI?

The rationale behind the use of ACSOI is that marketing and subscriber acquisition expenses have value long into the future: they build a brand; therefore, they should be spread out over time. Cash spent on marketing is not expensed: it is converted into another asset ("subscriber acquisition assets, net") on a company's balance sheet .

What is ACSOI (adjusted segment operating income)?

ACSOI (Adjusted Consolidated Segment Operating Income) (also called Adjusted CSOI) is a non- GAAP accounting metric. The metric amortizes marketing and acquisition costs over several accounting periods.

What is the ACSOI metric?

The use of ACSOI came under scrutiny in August 2011, when it was revealed the company Groupon used the metric to present a net gain in operating income in their IPO filing. Without the ACSOI metric, Groupon would have stated a net loss.

What is a subscriber acquisition cost (ACSOI)?

ACSOI can be a useful internal metric for businesses to determine financial performance and to make strategic management decisions, if they believe their subscriber acquisition costs are an up-front cash outlay that truly builds long-term customer assets commensurate with that outlay.

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