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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpaceX crew-5?

SpaceX Crew-5 is planned to be the fifth crewed operational NASA Commercial Crew Program flight of a Crew Dragon spacecraft, and the eighth overall crewed orbital flight. The mission is scheduled to launch on 3 October 2022 and is due to transport four crew members to the International Space Station (ISS). [3]

How do I view messages on the crewchief forums?

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Welcome to the CrewChief Forums. I never was a painter... Showcasing CC commands AMS2...

When will the 5th SpaceX Crew Dragon mission launch?

The fifth SpaceX operational mission in the Commercial Crew Program (CCP) is scheduled to launch on 3 October 2022 and last approximately 6 months. [3] ^ a b "Roscosmos head hinted yesterday that crossover flights to #ISS, including launch of Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina on the US Crew Dragon, would proceed as scheduled".

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