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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polyvore?

Polyvore is the first one-stop destination featuring the latest Fashion, Outfits, Beauty, Home and styles trends from influencers worldwide. About Polyvore Advertise Top 10 facebook twitter instagram youtube Top 10 Home Explore Outfits & Styles chic outfits edgy outfits girl outfits outfit ideas grunge outfits spring outfits stylish outfits

What app do Polyvore users use now?

Shoplook Shoplook was the app most Polyvore users made the switch to after the deactivation of the app. Shoplook’ helps everyday women discover and shop expertly designed outfit ideas for any occasion, body type, and budget.’

Do MoodBoards have everything Polyvore had?

After investigating several Moodboards after the Polyvore heist, I’ve come to the conclusion that none of them have everything, and very little of anything Polyvore had. The quality and ease of the Polyvore platform is just not there, especially if you are an Art Refugee from Polyvore.

Is this a good Polyvore alternative?

But this is a great Polyvore alternative. Just as shocked as the original #PolyFam was of the selling of Polyvore, I’m sure was as well and just needs time in making their platform greater. That’s fair.

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